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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Self Improvement you

With the methods, skills, abilities and natural talents, dreams, hopes and desires does not mean anything. You're it. Person other than himself, consciously or not appropriate for what you feel, think and do. Self-improvement has nothing to do with the other. They are only three frames of the activity any time proactive, reactive or neutral. Self improvement is a voluntary activity.

You are the observer's own reality. Because you under your own existence. We live at the three levels of spiritual existence or anything, intellect or reasoning or physical body. We try to do one thing, and it's conscious or not, is in full expansion and expression of who we are to live and achieve a purpose for our lives. To proactive in their own improvement, you should understand these concepts and laws of voluntary activity.

Live, we are immersed in our own being. Our self-esteem or self-image, what we think and feel about our "self" is. This is where we come from, our concepts, dreams and aspirations. This is where we feel motivated and driven towards or away from what we want or do not want. It is here that the intangible visions come to mind. The substance we thought cannot touch our inner reality and our true selves. We are all with the divine source, connected its spirit. Our self-improvement begins with acknowledgment of receipt.

Intelligence or reason, it is our spirit or soul. We go from logical or illogical calculations or methods. However, there are two major forms of reason, inductive and deductive. It is deductive, inductive reasoning about probabilities based on based. This is where you make your choice, our decisions are conscious. There is an invisible wall that connects the consciousness and the body, and it is the unconscious part of our being. This is where we take what they think and feel in the body, the subconscious mind. This is where the paradigms, experiences, circumstances or beliefs are filtered or mixed that direct the actions in your dream body, an idea or a concept. Yes, this is the place to get better hatched.

It is in these first two levels of existence where self improvement ideas are filtered result. Your personal development concepts of self-improvement are incubated here. Whatever you do, do not show the acts of self-improvement that these two planes of existence are in congruence with respect to the orientation of the concept. You might ask, "Why not the unconscious is isolated in its own plane of existence?" The answer lies in the universal law of polarity. The law provides that an opposite for everything. If you have a front, you have a backup. If you have an opinion, you have a physical body. Same currency on both sides.

Self-improvement is to obtain self-knowledge and the necessary steps to achieve what you want. You play your thoughts, feelings and actions by the physical location of existence. You think a cup of coffee and you get it. Now you can realize completely the coffee in the machine, running water or turn on the power? Of course you cannot do. Thanks to the universal law of repetition, you have long mastered the physical activities that result in automatic. You need to do is not it?

Actions occur through your body, and the results are what you thought of the combination of the subconscious. If the result is what you are looking for, then it is logical that your faith in what you did was what you wanted to go. Well, if the result is not what you wanted, then a paradigm of treatment or interfere with this result. In other words, your concept or idea was not consistent with your actions. There was resistance to all or part of your idea. This resistor is covered by the universal law of non-resistance. The law simply says what you resist persists. This is very important to know for your own improvements.

This idea may be something you have to do or think. Procrastination is simply a strategy to delay an activity that can be laced with uncertainty in terms of previous experience in the service of your current reality. If you do not have demonstrated an objective reason for inaction, except in unforeseen circumstances, it is through the conduct of deportation or distraction as a vehicle for non-action.

When this happens too often, then you need to concentrate and focus on your plans to improve practice. If you focus on your own improvement, you really need to be aware of. All obstacles on your way some can simply be ignored or neglected other side needs to be increased or treated. If you are aware of the pitfalls, you have a starting point. Affirmations work best when they receive your income. Your emotions are your fuel that your idea of ​​the finish line.

Self-improvement is all about your evolution, improve and achieve positive growth and business results. You think leads to the development as a separate alignment with the desired results. It is even more than you. This is what you want, what you see as possible for you and what you deserve. If one of these things is aligned, then show the universal law of attraction you have created, good or bad does not matter for the universe.

When you sit down to think about your future, do your self-improvement, or what you want your results and make sure that you feel excited by this prospect, or you. No enthusiasm for short-term personal growth Note that self-improvement. Something proactive and voluntary and not only what happened, Self improvement has nothing to do with the other thing.

Now know that their fate is determined by one's own thoughts, feelings and actions, excited and positive, what your goals or lenses stun resistance and the other side. It may take some time, and do not forget that your thoughts with a sense of accomplishment align need to manifest your own improvement plans.