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Monday, November 5, 2012

motivation achieve these goals

The motivation comes from the Latin "move-re" that the ability to move toward a goal. Motivation is determined by the context. There are several purposes for which it is naturally motivated. Famous hierarchy of needs Maslow's basic needs talks physiological, such as food, clothing, sex. There are also safety requirements, such as bonds and real estate. Moreover, there are social needs, such as friends, community, love and communication. To achieve these goals, the motivation to achieve these goals "inherent", so to speak. They are of fundamental importance to the extent that you do not deny that a normal healthy person.

But according to Maslow, there are needs that are not so important: creativity, talent development, self-improvement. They are subjects to special motivation.

Take overweight, for example. There are many reasons to lose weight, for example, health, finding a good recognition, social, feel better in yourself, in order to cope better with daily life, etc. However, these are not reasons to work weight loss alone. Everyone wants to stay healthy. But the disease does not immediately follow the act of overeating. The same applies to the height. Expired adverse effects occur only after a considerable period of time and therefore it is easy to dismiss, saying that "it does not affect me."

Furthermore, the development of one's own talents and creativity are the goals that we have to work hard. Many people just do not see that these goals could be worth fighting for. Motivation is a fundamental prerequisite for creativity.

Another example of the goal of "improving" or "optimization" is. Unfortunately, in many companies, it is still customary to follow the path of sustainable improvement, whether in communications, employee relations, recruitment, staff development, marketing, organizational development, public relations, advertising, distribution and sale

Some bosses and managers believe that the changes are only necessary if things do not work as well and as bullying or exhaustion on the rise, the sales figures are down, etc., or even worse, can also improve themselves. Sophistry, thus perpetuating a lot of damage and a lot of companies will cost a lot of money.

For example, this applies to the selection of staff. Nothing motivates like the right people in the right place to work. Sufficient recruitment is not science. There is no software. For the task the boss should be based on their knowledge of human nature. This is often misleading. We do not see the company with sufficient reflection. Choosing the right people's is a skill that must be learned. It takes a lot of experience with people in a variety of situations and contexts, robust interrogation techniques, an eye for an environment important for the candidates. In addition, you must also take the company you want to hire someone to look. A view from outside can help.

Personal growth as a goal is something that should be developed in terms of content, perhaps with the help of a consultant and motivational coach who has a more objective view of the outside. Even if one is committed to this goal, it does not by a long, which also constantly motivated in daily life, to fight for it. Methods are sophisticated and complex, as would be persistent and motivated.

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