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Saturday, October 6, 2012

?Self Improvement - King way or a dead end

?Self Improvement - King way or a dead end

A common approach to life in our time is that of self-improvement. Self-improvement can be the body which, is very common, especially for women. See what a huge marketing have different diets, see the advertising market form the figure of a woman.

The same trend of improvement of the body also tends to healthy foods: dietary supplements, organic food, vegetarianism, vegan ism should prolong life and improve its quality and health. Nothing is guaranteed that they will, but the market flourished.

Improved market is booming body mirror - plastic surgery, enlargements, print anything you want is possible today. And, the foreign exchange market, marked by makeup and perfume new fashions every year, promises to improve the appearance according to the latest fashion and to upgrade.

A person can walk these path's life diet diet iPhone 3 iPhone Fashion 10 and he remains a foreigner, had to use sleeping pills at night and run to the TV or Facebook and iPhone when I could.

Even if he had convinced he was progressing and improving, then it's just brainwashing opinion makers ducked.

Improving labor market is very common, but use a different word to describe it: efficiency, maximize profits, increase productivity, and more. Current workers say the least never become more peaceful and happy, as a result of such actions. In contrast to the capital as soon as hearts filled with empty pockets.

Also in the spirit of improvement is very common. Particularly between positive thinking and coaching. Today you can find a coach to improve any personality trait is not satisfactory as a computer program will help the client to remove one leg and place the foot in the building. Whether the teams best what is good for humans too? In the distant past, I took a course who's crowning glory positive thinking was the law "every day in every way I am getting better and better", I repeated this phrase before bedtime, and I felt improvement in my life, but it was an improvement areas and uprooted.

Finally I realized that improvement is a dead end. It has rotten roots. Because if I think I have to improve necessarily believe in something before I go wrong, and root rot. Even if the change would improve symptoms and in some cases is only going to perpetuate and strengthen the foundation of faith itself. The attitude that something is wrong with me rotten roots and nothing good can come of it. All efforts are aimed at improving at least not cancel this premise, it is accepted as truth unconsciously.

Let's look at the nature is a tree needs to be improved? That's perfect. A flower has? He is so handsome if a child needs? Do not even think in those terms. His mind is still pure and fresh. Idea of ​​the improvement is the virus, once recognition was planted only bad can come of it. There is nothing better. Nothing natural as peace, peace, harmony, happiness, joy cannot be derived from it. The improvement is artificial and ugly phenomenon as a result of self-misunderstanding. Self Improvement leaves us poor.

There is an interesting paradox, just after releasing a virus to improve, and beautiful relaxing and peaceful changes begin to occur spontaneously, without any effort on my part. These changes can also be read as an improvement, but come without any effort of will or intention on my part. They come because I connect to that place from which derive all the good things and are now reflected more clearly in my life.

Learning is nice, understanding binge diet really fills the mind is good, enjoy the wonders of modern technology beautiful, but when the desire to improve every activity in our lives a dark cloud hanging over, this is the place to stop and understand:

One person can make a hard effort and discipline to carve changes in body or mind, but only these superficial changes. And, human vision that is never satisfied and always looking to improve what else. Improved virus spreading and never stops, leaving the person exhausted unhappy restless and always look out for.

Our fundamental internal layer, which requires no improvement have been incomplete. 'S the most beautiful thing I remembered.

This interior space and to be fair, there is nothing better, nothing to look, no specific targets, no specific problems are so low in robotic and soulless. Always lie, promise and never have.

So what I am creating. This incredible positive root will change that spontaneously, without inspiration, these are the seeds of happiness, never any produce pathological enhancement software.

Look inside yourself, not who you think yourself. Soon you will see that nothing is missing. Unable to sell the illusion of self-improvement .