Thursday, August 30, 2012

Self Improvement experiment for Your iPhone

although project our ideals of self, what we wish we were (in my talk I look like David Beckham, as John Cleese) tend, the reality is often at least a little more painful. As a result many of us are on a mission to the best of us to follow as a peripheral interface and countless us (often vague) objective person to actually go to the dentist or to finish an Ironman final. Now, thanks to the rise (and affordable) intelligent tools, applications and devices easier than ever to continue to quantify occupied our growth, which in turn gave a new life to people movement.But car, and this can be a titanic struggle for this 10 pounds or eat more to lose from that damned his Brussels sprouts. There are a number of new companies that are trying to help people to stay motivated with different approaches to be incentives if. Financial rewards for achieving health goals or peer pressure Raise Better.Through they want a new, focused on simplicity today launched a mobile experience, starting Corp. is apparently supported on a mission to make it easy (and painless) for people to achieve their personal goals - a. positive support and the removal of the will as a factor in achieving the objectives of the first lifting revealed its development plans in a long blog in June: To us a simple way to achieve a What purpose. How? Made creating "fun, optimized, self-reinforcing routes for all aspirations" and turning tasks into positive experiences. The first step, says Elevator Co-founder, Tony Stubblebine, support loop is positive for all quantified by obsession with self-monitoring data support.Rather positive progress toward our goals as producing some great moments "Eureka" Lift the Spirit, on the are best suited to gradually toward our goals, our goals by breaking habits so tiny that fail, we do not reach (and on the rise) are But the thing about new applications or tools that the proponents of this "custom design" are -. n they have no control over our environment. Stubblebine team and we believe that the best way to calm the chaos and the achievement of our goals, to develop the ability to take care and attention, which means that essentially lift is a tool for personal monitoring. (Another recipe for success with the lift supports a "no meals on TechCrunch" policy, which is obviously intended to help people to focus on their work. Yet all the world know that decided against the idea. You need your brain food, people.) To do this, the startup try to go beyond the simple "gamification of your life" or other game mechanics, rather than simply on the choice of the feedback loops, effectively as their primary means of promoting human in order to achieve these goals. So, elevator stuck on two circuits, and progress display community support for people with similar tracking applications aspirations.In and distinguish it concentrated on lift simplicity and consistency. Application really is. It is simple, direct and you will not find logos or boards.The leading application allows users to create "habits" (or existing), and then click a button when big old reach their goal, the feeling fulfilling - or distribute other support to achieve their goals. All information contained in the application is presented to the public, and users can detail your goals if you do not know on the basis of the title, and as the application starts followed your progress their graphs (frequency or personal letters) with your data, which show as it was consistently fill in the performance of its mini goals.And because people need extra motivation and encouragement reinforcements, elevator connects users with friends and with people who are trying the same customs, the goal of creating a community laptop mobile support. Elevator is in development for almost a year to build and although at first it was great gasification options and ultimately proved, Stubblebine said that people were interested in the simplicity. The application is now cut almost to the end, boring and thoughtful design in the street. "Life of actual progress is more motivating than a game," the company said today.The in his blog founders, yet this simplicity that has led to high deposition rates so that more than 50 percent control of its beta users at different times during the month. The team used the application itself, and as we shall see later, co-founder Jon Crosby has already accumulated 400 days of "inbox zero", which is enough to make you jealous, and reason enough to give a chance to the application. For the future, the team is focused on increasing social life, but carefully and methodically compatible with existing minimalist design. Stubblebine says an Android app is on the radar, but the team wants its first application, sharpen before continuing.

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