Thursday, January 31, 2013

Be a leader Merciful: 12 Ways

People follow leaders with strong momentum and ambition. But the 12 Thanksgiving that you have a leader to follow.

The current economic environment requires that people and leaders to intensify aggressive, strong, go ahead and run their businesses and advance their careers. In this powerful Mars success sometimes there is so much attention for his strong and firm, people forget the human side.

Here are 12 pairs of , with their counterparts from grace. I leave it to you to see the combination that works in your world for others and respect as a special kind can found.

A. Trust and empathy

People will follow you if to imply that you know what you do and wherever you go. But not everyone sees your way or you can travel at your own pace. See the path of their vision and help them find their way.

Second Be on time and show forgiveness

Good leaders manage his time and respect for other people's plates. But everyone is too busy or distracted at any given time. Evaluate if you are late, slipping root before the disrespect. Then, click on it and move on.

Third Be proud and humble

You should be proud of their achievements and promote performance. But most admire these leaders, the results speak for themselves, and whose greatest success is the success of his students.

4th Be disciplined and show humanity

Serious and focused discipline that effectively the most jobs. But not everyone can go on and on like a robot. People are people. You need to relax and unwind. Show them that you are having fun. A little humor goes a long way to connect and show his human side.
5th Show gratitude and appreciation

You need to accept openly praised when they were granted. False modesty is not appropriate. Hogging the limelight, but not inspire his followers. Share the limelight and travel. Help everyone to participate and enjoy the benefits of the company.
6th See discretion Be Bold

Great leaders emerge and progress of the action. But not all conflict is a struggle full of resources and heavy artillery. Determine the exact time and energy to the situation, then skillfully applied. You keep the new team, alert and ready to go for the big fights.
7th Be spontaneous and respect

Ready for anything is a virtue, and a strong leader knows how to change things with enthusiasm. But people also get the benefit of a degree of accuracy and predictability. They appreciate the leaders who take the time to view all your options before you to look into the unknown.
8th Process and be considerate

You are successful because you know how they treat their own success. But the people have to follow because they believe that and just say that your way is the right way is not always enough to buy for them in the example. Shows how the decisions you made will have the same positive effect on performance. Note that you sell your life experience is different and help them to understand the correct interpretation.

9th Be strong and show compassion

Most great leaders are nice, not because they are lax. They provide a framework for success, and that the boundaries are clearly marked. In relation to the last barriers unleash hell. But people are inherently good thought. No correction should be addressed with compassion and learning. Please help offenders find their way to happiness and success within or outside your organization.

10th Be prepared to be generous and gratitude

Employees need to constantly give of themselves. They give their time, knowledge, energy, motivation and knowledge. You know that the more you give, the more effective the team is to achieve, and often selfless. But the supporters of giving too. In order to feel good knowing that the team needs a leader shows how the team behind it. A leader has a fair recognition.

11th Be a Restaurant Lounge

Reflective listening is important, but often do officers can get to really know what is expressed. Listening is not always shown by the adoption. Sometimes the answer is no. But directors are to be able to feel the fans simply by having appreciated the opportunity to express their views. Then, to fully buy into the vision and skeptics to commit.

12th Be a leader and demonstrate compliance

In short, the leaders of the most elegant and powerful once who understand a step back and let the trailer reins better person.

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